Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Underhell translation

I've recently finished the German translation for a great Hl2 mod called Underhell, please check it out! It's a mix of action, thriller and horror, if you're interested in any of these genres I'm sure you'll appreciate the mod. So far only the prologue is playable but that alone will keep you busy for some hours. Stay tuned for the other chapters!

Mod and translation pack can be downloaded on the Underhell moddb page.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Totem model

Here's a model I've been creating with David Müller, an artist with extraordinary skills, please check out his own blog kopfstoff. Concept art was created by him, I provided him with a simple basemesh and he did an excellent job sculpting the details. Retopologizing the mesh, uvw mapping and baking the normals was done by me again while David eventually created the diffuse texture. A breakdown of the various steps as well as the final model can be seen below.

But what's it for? Well, a neat mod for Hl2 called Scintilla. Stay tuned for future updates.